Back in what was later to be known as 0001SC (Since Cuntox), previously refered to as 2008, two of the greatest musical intelects of mankinds brief history stared to jam and make everybody else look shit.

Walls were broken, boundaries were stretched and envelopes were pushed. It was intense.

We left a window open once and sixteen neighbours and passers by were blinded in what they agreed was a "messy and painful, but ultimately worth it moment of greatness in their otherwise uneventful lives". We did call them some ambulances and  help clean up pieces of exploded eyeball from our neighbours houses, cos we're nice like that.

One day a passing nun overheard the future and was forced to question the nature of reality and conciousness in light of the truth. She has since left the church, her letter of resignation simply read "I don't have time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit".

She is now spending her time studying for a degree in physics and masturbating furiously.

Over the following months around twenty epic slabs of aural fillet steak were plucked from the ether and recorded with some proper shitty equipment. Listening to them is like seeing Kelly Brook tribbing Jessica Alba through the eyes of an old man with cataracts. They are yet to be posted.

Then came the hiatus when bassist and all round genius/good guy Mike deMuerte was forced to fuck off to Canada and go snowboarding for six months. This hiatus caused a huge drop in the FTSE and lead to the recession, sorry about that world, our bad.

Fortunately for Cuntox and the world, but not for Mike, quite a severe back injury forced him back to a sofa in England and writing continued.

Now armed with a magic box and a lot of free time recording was possible, over thirty truths were taken down in a matter of months. 

Still separated by a couple of hundred miles, a shit transport system and a chronic cash shortage Cuntox is still not fully productive. Gash.

Cuntox founders and inspiration to us all, Matt Koyebsa and Mike deMuerte


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